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Here are some videos of famous players that I really like.

Following in the game - a battle for the world championship between Kasparov (former Weinstein) and Karpov. I met first Kasparov in olympic games for students at early 80-th.

Here is other interesting game of Kasparov against Anand in blitz competition. Please note on Kasparov's reaction when he made a big mistake.

Susan Polgar is a woman that won four world championship titles for women. Is the beginning of the Polgar family dynasty known that her father - psychologist and mother devoted all their lives to create a "chess genius" and succeeded. All 3 their daughters became famous chess players. When visiting Hungary in European ambitions Chess Team Champions Beer Club - Seven invited to the home of the family and played for a few days dozens of games with girls, especially in front of Susan (or shame, as it so happened). Today she lives in the United States and is very active in chess in the "Director of SPICE (Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence) at Texas Tech University." Next video is participated in by researchers in the "National Geographic".

Another video is of the song that I really like - Vladimir Vysotsky, Russian underground singer, who sang songs against the regime. This time he sings a song about chess.